What Clients Are Saying

Milana’s Story:

Milana is a mega successful entrepreneur, well known and respected for her innovative mindset, intelligence, and charm. She plays with the Big Dogs in a male-dominated market and always felt like she had more to prove as a woman in her field. So, she downplayed her femininity and tried to look older and more “serious”. This resulted, however, in years spent not looking on the outside the way she felt on the inside – a sexy, sultry woman who is also powerful and successful. It also resulted in her not really understanding her body and what worked for her. As we worked together, Milana began to discover some amazing things – she didn’t know she had an hourglass shape! Once she began to see herself in the right clothes – flattering colors, cuts, and patterns – she began to appreciate her body and how to flatter it without changing it! After spending the day together, Milana walked away a different woman – she said I had completely changed the way she looked at turning 40! She now felt YOUNGER, SEXIER, and MORE CONFIDENT than she had 10 years ago! And most importantly, she now felt that she LOOKED like the successful, confident, feminine powerhouse that she was! Mission accomplished!

I am a very successful business woman, but when it comes to fashion my confidence drops. I never liked shopping, but not because I am too busy. I just get very overwhelmed by all the choices and never know what to try on. I usually grab dozens of outfits with me into the fitting room, try them all on, but end up buying nothing and leaving frustrated because nothing fits or looks good on me. Thinking that I was just too odd-shaped or too big, I haven’t shopped for clothes in 8 years.  When I realized that I need to update my wardrobe for an upcoming live event and photo shoot, I panicked. Fortunately, I was introduced to Yelena and scheduled to meet her. The day started with a color and body assessment, which I thought was just a fun thing, but turned out to be a critical decision maker later on. We then went on to shop for clothes. I immediately felt overwhelmed, but Yelena knew exactly what colors and styles to choose for me. Incredibly, 9 out of 10 outfits she selected — fit beautifully and made me feel absolutely fabulous!

I never knew I had such an elegant body shape and the colors just brought out my best facial features. She also chose accessories to make my outfits really pop, so I could really stand on stage at my event and feel both confident and sexy, AND demand authority and attention from the audience. For someone who hates shopping and doesn’t like looking in the mirror, I felt completely transformed and in awe of Yelena’s taste and intuition. I now feel ready to go out anywhere and feel great! She also taught me several critical things about myself, and now I am going to dig into my closet and get rid of all the clothes that don’t support my image or my fit. What a relief!

​Yelena’s personal style of working with clients is also very pleasant and exciting. For a moment I thought I might start to enjoy shopping myself!  She’s very passionate about making her client feel great about themselves and instead of telling them to lose weight here or there, she brings out the best physical features by choosing the right clothes and colors. I always shopped for size 16-18. Yesterday I learned I was 14, but simply chose the wrong style and colors in the past. I am beyond happy about my new wardrobe and will tell everyone I meet about Yelena’s amazing talent! Thank you so much for your personal touch, passion, and dedication to make me look fabulous!

Milana Leshinsky

Entrepreneur/Founder of JV Insider Circle

Isunji’s Story:

Isunji is one of the most passionate and dynamic women I’ve met, yet her clothing choices reflected none of her vibrancy. Admittedly, she was stuck in a style rut and tried to pick items that would hide her or make her blend in. Her wardrobe consisted mostly of shapeless, neutral pieces – and there was a definite disconnect between who she was on the inside and who was showing up in the world. The first step was figuring out that she was a beautiful Winter, who could pull off vibrant colors and strong contrasts with total ease! When we analyzed her body shape, proportions, lines, and scale, she began to understand which styles worked for her and which didn’t – and why. As our shopping excursion progressed, the change in her body language and self-perception was astounding – she was finally seeing in the mirror the person she had been hiding inside – confident, polished, and stylish. And when she put on a leopard-print top – well, I knew right then, that there would be no stopping her – Isunji’s days of blending in were over!

For the past decade or so I struggled with my sense of style, or the lack thereof. Unhappy with the way I looked, my basic goal was to clothe my body in a way that wouldn’t draw attention to me; or even better, that would make me blend in/be invisible. This was a contrast to my personality, but I was stuck in a rut that I didn’t know how to get out of. I hated shopping. It always seemed like such a waste of time and money. The clothing rarely fit correctly and did little to enhance me. In short, shopping was an exercise in frustration. I had no idea what looked good on me and I basically gave up trying. When I met with Yelena her passion was contagious. I found myself getting excited for the first time in a long time. Beginning with the color analysis and then the body analysis allowed me to start seeing a light at the end of the tunnel. I learned SO much about what does and doesn’t work for me from head to toe. In fact, I got excited about wearing a dress after not having worn one for YEARS! Most important, I learned the basics about how to shop. Now, for the first time in over a decade, I have the confidence to know I can go shopping and find things that work for me, work well together and help me put my best foot forward. I no longer feel lost. I no longer feel the need to hide or blend in. For the first time in a long time I look forward to expressing myself not through my writing, but through my style! Thank you so, so much Yelena!

Isunji Cardoso


Vicky’s Story:

Vicky is a busy businesswoman, with an active job that requires comfort while she spends most days on her feet, but also requires her to dress appropriately for working with teenagers! When not working, Vicky likes to go out with her friends and boyfriend. But she’s been in a style rut – always shopping at the same store and buying the same “uniform” of pants and tops. Jeans and t-shirts on the weekend, pants and nicer tops for work. But when we completed her PersonaStyled Assessment, we discovered that her styles were a mix of Elegant, Natural, and Alluring! Working with that knowledge and her beautiful curves, we had a blast finding dresses, skirts, and feminine jackets to reflect her true self! We built professional outfits that are able to express authority, while allowing for all-day comfort. And we also built fun outfits to show off her Alluring side! Most importantly, she said she now understands how to dress her body and express her style in a way that showcases her best attributes. And we got the thumbs up from her boyfriend!

My experience working with Yelena was very positive and informative. She taught me about the type of colors, styles, sizes, and lengths of clothes and accessories that reflect my personality and match my face and body. She used a systematic, yet individualized process to assess my needs and patiently explained how to select clothes and accessories to look my best. She was positive, supportive, and encouraging throughout the process yet empathetic to my concerns. Her suggestions of clothes were on target and I felt wonderful when trying them on. I learned to select dresses, shirts, pants, skirts, suits, shoes, and accessories for different occasions to make me feel comfortable, confident, and joyful. As an individual who hates shopping, I have always tried to keep my trips to stores as short as possible. Yet, not being sure of what to buy and how to match the items, I spent long time at the stores, left dissatisfied, and often had to come back to return things. After meeting with Yelena, I am able to go to the store, efficiently pick out what I need, and feel great wearing it. Thank you Yelena for sharing your expertise and helping me to improve myself!

Vicky L


Julia’s Story:

Julia loves a good deal, so over the years she’s built up a closet full of clothes – and yet, she always struggled with having nothing to wear! After conducting her PersonaStyled Assessment, and figuring out her BEST colors, fabrics, and silhouettes, Julia began to see that over HALF of her closet was not serving her well. We conducted a full Closet Clean-Up and she was able to donate 6 bags of clothing to charity, while keeping items that worked with her personality and lifestyle. I showed her what works best on her body type and how to accentuate her best assets! We created DOZENS of outfits from items that were already IN HER CLOSET! Now, she has a Lookbook to refer to for “work”, “play,” “casual,” “outings,” and even “special occasions”. She also knows now what NOT to buy – even on a good sale. Julia is no longer wasting time or money on the wrong items. Now, she has a closet full of winning outfits that make her feel beautiful, confident, and savvy!

Thank you so much for the very informative and much needed consultation for truly feeling and looking like a real woman! Working with you is the best investment in myself I can think of.  I had no idea red was such a power color for me! I can’t wait to apply everything I learned when I shop, and it will be my pleasure to recommend you to everyone I know.

Alina K

Computer Programmer

Yelena helped me tremendously in preparing for an event. I was invited to a black-tie event in recognition for my work on a federal IT program.  While I was excited about the event, I was also quite nervous about what to wear and how to create the right ensemble.  I had no idea where to begin and turned to Yelena.  Yelena provided her expert insight and helped me create the right look for the event.  She helped me with every single detail – the right dress, the shoes, the jewelry, make-up, etc.  Yelena was absolutely awesome!  I could not have done this without her.  Not only did she help me match up the right accessories to go with my dress, but she was just as concerned with ensuring I felt comfortable for the event, and had the right outfit that represents my true self.  The result – I was relaxed, I loved the ensemble she picked out with me, and was able to really enjoy myself, knowing I looked and felt my best. Yelena is great to work with, a true professional with a great sense of style, and clearly loves what she does and enjoys sharing her knowledge with others.  I highly recommend Yelena to anyone desiring to improve their appearance, wardrobe, and image. Margaret Hunt Federal Worker

Margaret Hunt

Government Worker

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