Ariaki lookbookAn easy, personalized wardrobe capsule may just be the answer to your most pressing “What am I going to wear??” concerns!

Whether you are going on a trip and need to pack light, or you struggle in the mornings with how to put together outfits – a smart and coordinated wardrobe strategy can take all the stress out of getting dressed and help you look your best.

A wardrobe capsule is a well thought-through clothing set, from which you can create many outfit options with only a few individual clothing pieces. Your closet can revolve around one central style or color theme, or consist of several different capsules. The key is understanding how to mix and match the items to maximize your outfit choices.

So, if you want to try this minimalist approach to your wardrobe this season, ask yourself the following questions:

  • What is the purpose of this capsule? Is it for work, weekends, or a vacation at the beach?
  • What is the feeling I want to evoke with this capsule? Do I want to look super polished and professional, or relaxed, friendly, and ready for adventure?
  • What weather/temperature should I be prepared for? If you’re going to a summer conference, for instance, you might want to have several layer options to stay warm under the A/C.
  • What are the basics that I need for this capsule? For a professional wardrobe, it might be a skirt, a pair of pants, a button down shirt, and a jacket. For a vacation, it might be a long skirt, a dress, a t-shirt, and a cardigan.
  • What accessories will go with EVERYTHING in my capsule? Which shoes, which jewelry, and which bag will support all the outfit options?

Then, you pick your “key” clothing articles, around which to build your capsule.

To illustrate, let’s say your best summer colors are turquoise, peach, and cream and you have several items in this color scheme. You can build your entire summer capsule around this color scheme with just 10 items: one dress, one skirt, 2 pairs of pants, three sleeveless tops, and three layering tops. The below graphic shows how to do this easily – and the outfit options are numerous as each item “goes” with multiple other items.

As fall approaches, you can transition the cardigans and jackets, long pants, and skirts into your fall capsule by adding tights, boots, and scarves.

Enjoy getting your closet in tip-top shape for stress-free mornings and easy packing!

Have you tried putting together a capsule yet? Let me know in the comments below!

10 Item Summer Wardrobe Capsule


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