A few weeks before Valentine’s Day, I was talking with my sister about the fact that many women struggle with their sexier style identities. Especially moms and busy professionals, who often take the time for everyone and everything else under the sun, except for themselves. It’s often easier to just not think about it. And yet… when Valentine’s Day rolls around, or their Anniversary, or another “special occasion”, they WISH they could turn up the heat and look and feel sexy, feminine, and alluring.


All of a sudden, my sister said, “What about a Style Challenge in honor of Valentine’s Day??!”


And so, the Cupid Style Challenge was born. We bounced some ideas around about what little tweaks ALL women could make EASILY to play with their style for a week leading up to the holiday. We thought about these dares as something that could help women FEEL flirtier, sexier, and more confident, just by doing something a little different with their style every morning.


The daily style challenges included things like wearing a dress for the day, putting on red lipstick, wearing sparkles, or sporting a sexy fabric. For the last challenge, which fell on Valentine’s Day itself, the ladies were encouraged to wear sexy undergarments, even under their sweater and jeans, to FEEL sexy all day.


And then, I asked the participants for feedback on the Cupid Style Challenge and what I heard was AMAZING – the lessons learned by all the challengers were unanimous! Everyone’s takeaways were SIMILAR!


Curious what they were? Here are the TOP 3 Style Tips for Women to feel sexier right now:


 1) Wearing a DRESS is an instant way to FEEL feminine, stylish, and polished.

The Dress challenge was hands-down everyone’s favorite. Often, Wear a Dresswomen think that wearing a dress is more difficult or requires more effort. Or they worry that wearing a dress in the winter is too uncomfortable and too cold.


In reality – and you will hear me say this all the time – dresses are the easiest article of clothing you can own and wear, they take you the farthest in terms of style, they make you look instantly put together, and they just FEEL feminine and beautiful and give us ladies that extra nudge to express our sexier side.


2) Nothing completes a look like LIPSTICK and NAIL POLISH.


Red Pout Day 6Wearing RED lipstick was everyone’s second favorite challenge. Many women NEVER wear it – they don’t know how, or what shades look good on them, or they’re afraid of looking funny or inappropriate. They similarly avoid painting their nails, especially in bright colors.


In reality, however, nothing says “polished” like a defined lip and manicured hand! The problem lies in the fact that not all colors and shades work on everyone – and every woman needs to figure out what hers are. For one woman, it could be bright red lipstick and nails (this is me: Mac’s Russian Red lipstick and OPI’s Big Apple Red polish are my Signature beauty tools). But for another woman, it could be a soft berry lipstick and a pretty-in-pink nail polish. These decisions depend on your coloring, contrast level in your skin, hair, and eyes, and your personal style (all things an Image Consultant can help you identify). The point is – find your perfect lipstick and polish and use them. You will feel SO much more put together and confident and powerful, you’ll be amazed at the difference such a small thing can make.

Nails Day 3



Note: Be careful with nail polish though to avoid the Costly Mistake of having chipped polish on your nails! Read more about Costly Style Mistakes here. Either take off the polish when it starts to chip, or try Gel polishes, which last a lot longer than regular polishes. Also, stick with lighter shades if timely polish removal is a challenge for you OR just polish your nails with a clear polish, which can be touched up very quickly and still look neat!


3) Taking a moment every day to consciously think about your image does wonders for how you look AND feel for the entire day!


And this was the BEST takeaway I could have hoped for from this Style Challenge. The participants reported having FUN, appreciating being dared to step outside their comfort zones, and loving all the COMPLIMENTS they were receiving all week. What’s not to love about that?


But most importantly, they felt more beautiful, more feminine, and more GRATEFUL for their unique assets. Taking that extra bit of time to think ahead and PLAN to wear something sexier and more put together gave them more CONFIDENCE for the entire day! And as I always say, how you look affects how you feel and therefore how you act and what you attract. When they liked what they saw in the mirror, they walked taller, smiled wider, and attracted more compliments and more fun in their day!


What do you think? Do you do these things to feel sexier and more confident? Do you have your own personal sexy style weapon that instantly makes you feel more beautiful? Which of these powerful style tips for women will you commit to trying??


I’d love to hear from you – post your comments and questions below! And if you think your friends would enjoy this article, please spread the love and share it with them 🙂


Fabulously yours,


Yelena Jackson

The School of Fabulous