Whether we like it or not, whether it’s fair or not, we are programmed to make decisions about each other in mere SECONDS. No more than 7 seconds. That’s it. So, we have a lot riding on those First Impressions. Once we form an opinion of someone in those first few seconds, it is very hard to change our minds. Our brains are hardwired to seek out confirmation of our initial reaction. So, if someone’s initial impression of you is “mousy, messy, and meh”, guess what that’ll do to your chances of attracting them as a potential business partner, client, or mate? Exactly, it’ll pretty much ruin them.


Conversely, if you walk into a room looking polished and feeling self-assured, you’ll attract not only the people in that room, but the opportunities, money, and success that comes from magnetizing those people to you. People will notice you, you’ll turn heads, and everyone will wish to come speak to you. Doesn’t that sound nice?


Great news! This is achievable. Not just achievable, but powerful beyond measure. And you can learn how to do it. If you take the time to understand what works for YOU – for your body, your personality, your goals – and what message you are trying to create with your presence. When your appearance is in alignment with these things, magic happens and you become irresistible!


However, there are THREE Worst Style Mistakes that are guaranteed to make a first impression that flops and prevents success. They may seem fairly simple, but when committed, they just kill your swagger!


Here’s a countdown of the 3 Costliest Style Mistakes:




Ever been underdressed or overdressed at a party? It’s not the greatest confidence booster. And the stakes are even higher when you’re inappropriately dressed at a job interview, networking event, or speaking engagement. Yes, all those people shouldn’t be so judge-y, but you can tell they’re looking at you funny. So, you feel self-conscious, which diminishes your self-confidence and therefore how you behave, which has immediate implications on your level of success.


Inappropriate attire can send the wrong message – that you either don’t pay attention to details or that you don’t care. Both messages are detrimental to your First Impression. Appropriateness equals respect for yourself and others.


MISTAKE #2: Ignoring the Details


“The Devil’s in the Details,” or so the saying goes. Sometimes, it’s the smallest things that make the biggest impact. Both positive and negative. Imagine, a beautiful couple walks into a Gala – she is wearing a stunning gown, he’s in a tux. But you notice that her nail polish is chipped and he’s wearing white socks with his dress shoes. And you can’t stop staring at those two “detractors”.


Of course, that’s a trite example, but you get the point – a small thing can turn you off rather quickly. And there are several of these small things that universally cause us to wrinkle our nose and cause us to form a negative impression of someone.




Improper Fit can refer to wearing the wrong size or the wrong silhouettes for your body shape. Why is Fit so important? Because when your clothes don’t fit well, they become a distraction. We immediately start thinking about reasons why you are wearing something that doesn’t fit and the attention is off you and your message. When trying to make a great First Impression, you should avoid anything that takes the focus off of you.


Our eyes seek balance. Wearing properly shaped, proportioned, and fitted clothes ensures that your clothes are an asset, not an obstacle. There are many different body types and not everyone looks good in the same types of clothes. Dressing for your shape is a topic that warrants entire books, but understanding this is key to always looking Fabulous. When you work with an Image Consultant, you learn once-and-for-all how to create looks that work for you, rather than against you.


In the meantime, would you like Specific and Actionable Tips on how to PREVENT these Top 3 Worst Style Mistakes?? This FREE Style Report outlines ways for you to avoid falling prey to these Style killers!



Figuring out your body shape, coloring, and other personal characteristics can be tricky, but a trained eye can quickly show you how to avoid costly style mistakes and gain clarity on what works for you, what doesn’t, and why. An image consultant can very quickly help you identify and understand how to accentuate all your positives, camouflage any trouble areas, and bring out your unique authentic style in a way that flatters your body. It’s no secret or coincidence that most TV personalities, celebrities, and political figures have personal stylists!


When looking good is important to your success, the easiest and kindest thing you can do for yourself is to work with an expert. If you go the salon to get your hair and nails done by a professional, doesn’t your wardrobe deserve the same?


I’d love to hear from you! Are you guilty of any of these style sins? What will you do to combat them and make sure you’re making the best first impression possible?


Post your questions and comments below! And if you think your friends would enjoy this article, please spread the love and share it with them 🙂


Fabulously yours,


Yelena Jackson

The School of Fabulous